Singing the Praises of Dome Homes
and Other Alternative Housing Choices
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Rich Lynch is an indie rocker with a dream. Yeah, sure he'd like to be a rock star and have his music heard around the world with adoring fans in all corners of the globe. But, he really wants to live in a dome! Feature Articles: Indie Rocker Rich Lynch Wants to Build and Live in a Dome
You can help this indie rocker build his dream home!

Now he's calling on all those interested in the concept of alternative housing to help him reach his dream for the small price of a song.

"As of December 26, 2015, I've raised the sum of $12.79 from sales of my very first digital single I Want to Live in a Dome," Lynch revealed in a recent interview with "I plan to use sales of the song to fund the dome so clearly there's a long way to go! But, I'm calling on my fans and friends to lend a hand with this project. All they need to do is purchase the track online and I'll be on my way."

"It's easy to do. We'll make the highest percentage of royalties if you buy on CDBABY. Of course we also have it up on ITUNES; AMAZON and GOOGLE PLAY to suit a variety a consumer preferences."

Take a listen to "I Want to Live in a Dome" and then help fund the project!

"When I wrote my dome song it was because it was the only thing I could think to do to jump-start my dream," Lynch revealed to "I had no idea that there was a history of other songs about domes which I learned of only recently."

Listen to Kansas sing about domes!

One of those songs has a similar title to the Lynch rocker. Progressive rock heartland heroes Kansas sang "I Want to Live in a Geodesic Dome" on a hidden track on their "Somewhere to Elsewhere" album. This short track was clearly an afterthought but featured enough of a lyrical tune to convey that the idea of living in a dome was on their minds.

Listen to Cat Stevens sing about wigwams and igloos! Cat Stevens!

Cat Stevens was a beloved American folk rocker before a religious conversion took him out of the music business. Prior to leaving the biz he did release a track that pushed forward the idea of living in alternative housing. Again similarly titled to the new song by the Rich Lynch Band, Cat's "I Want to Live in a Wigwam" name checks igloos, tree huts and communes as other places he would like to live.

Listen to Buckminster Fuller about domes!

Finally, the much loved Buckminster Fuller - the creator of the geodesic dome - also sang the praises of living in a dome. His A cappella "Roam Home to a Dome" share some of the lyrical sentiments as the Lynch track Roam Home To A Dome. Fuller's song also appeared on a benefit album of the same name that was a musical salute to R. Buckminster Fuller. All songs were recorded in Fuller's Dome in Carbondale, Illinois.

So, as you can see, there are examples of many fine folks singing and writing songs about progressive ideas. If you would like the idea of living in domes to permeate throughout society perhaps one of the best ways to get it going would be to pick up a guitar and pen and write your own dome home song.

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(Originally Published on January 01, 2016)

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