This Indie Rocker Wants
to Build and Live in a Dome
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Total Earned So Far: $12.79 / $250,000:
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Rich Lynch is an indie rocker with a dream. Yeah, sure he'd like to be a rock star and have his music heard around the world with adoring fans in all corners of the globe. But, he really wants to live in a dome! Feature Articles: Indie Rocker Rich Lynch Wants to Build and Live in a Dome
You can help this indie rocker build his dream home!

Now he's calling on all those interested in the concept of alternative housing to help him reach his dream for the small price of a song.

"As of December 26, 2015, I've raised the sum of $12.79 from sales of my very first digital single I Want to Live in a Dome," Lynch revealed in a recent interview with "I plan to use sales of the song to fund the dome so clearly there's a long way to go! But, I'm calling on my fans and friends to lend a hand with this project. All they need to do is purchase the track online and I'll be on my way."

"It's easy to do. We'll make the highest percentage of royalties if you buy on CDBABY. Of course we also have it up on ITUNES; AMAZON and GOOGLE PLAY to suit a variety a consumer preferences."

So, how did this indie rocker originally from New Jersey and now residing in Nashville become obsessed with the idea of living inside an orb?

"Well, that's a good question. It all goes back to the Summer of Love in 1967 and my family was on vacation in Montreal, Quebec, Canada," reports Lynch about the birth of an idea in his young developing mind. "We were at the World's Fair and the American Pavilion was a giant 250-foot diameter geodesic dome."

"I couldn't contain my excitement and I ran toward the building as fast as I could," Lynch continued recounting a tale that has been told in his family for years. "I tripped, landed on my face and acquired a severe bloody nose that wouldn't stop bleeding. We never made it to the dome and I've spent the rest of my life trying to remedy the void of that unfulfilled desire."

The song "I Want to Live in a Dome" is 3 minutes and 30 seconds of hard driving rhythms that convey the idea of construction and the lyrics actually describe the process of creating a very specific type of structure.

"I detail the process of building a Monolithic Dome in the song. That's the one I want," Lynch maintains. "Somehow by the grace of God I've recently relocated to Tennessee which has actually become a hotbed for this very type of building. They're going up all over the place in this state. The Monolithic Dome company picked up my story, too."

Check back to this page often for updates on Lynch's progress including the current total sum generated from sales of the song!

Take a listen to "I Want to Live in a Dome" and then help fund the project!

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(Originally Published on December 31, 2015)

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