At the Isha Dome:
A Peaceful & Progressive Place
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At the Isha Dome - A Peaceful & Progressive Place
The awe-inspiring Isha Dome in Tennessee.

Isha the Institute of Inner-Sciences is a peaceful and progressive place located in picturesque McMinnville, Tennessee. The town is approximately two hours from Nashville a city filled with BBQ, museums, music and shops. Yet at times, residents of Music City may desire a quiet venue for self-reflection. That place is Isha.

Isha is situated on top of a mountain in the Cumberland Plateau. Isha's goal is to raise human consciousness and foster global harmony through individual transformation. Isha was founded by Sadhguru a self-realized yogi and philanthropist who is guiding others through their personal self-enlightened journeys at over 200 worldwide centers including the facility in McMinnville, TN. Isha offers a wide range of beginner along with advanced programs that include inner engineering, meditation, Samyama, Sathsang and yoga. McMinnville visitors may come for a day or plan overnight stays. Accommodations are basic ranging from dorm style rooms for men and women or studios with private baths.

The staff of spent the day at Isha in early November of 2015.The drive from Music City to McMinnville was a pleasant meander through farm lands, mountains and small towns setting a relaxed mood for our trip. At check-in we were given a brief overview of Tuesday's agenda and the lay of the land. Isha has biking and hiking trails woven into the woods that surround a compound of structures. There were also large sculptures that moved with the wind providing a beautiful blend of art and nature.

The most impressive work of art is Isha's Monolithic Dome - a dramatic consecrated round structure that is used for events and meditation. Isha's Dome has many unique features. The first is the ring of windows that allow natural light into the building. Underground pillars were used to stabilize this 39,000 square foot structure. Also a cooling system similar to an attic fan was installed to increase the already high efficiency of the Dome. There is an elegant energy and grace to the Dome - ideal for reflection and relaxation.

There is a nominal fee for a day visit which includes, brunch, a snack and dinner. The brunch which featured hot and cold Indian food was served between 10 and 11 am. It was a flavorful, wholesome vegetarian meal. After brunch we joined an informative tour of Isha. We learned more about the Dome as well as the vision of Isha and its founder Sadhguru. A number of meditation classes were offered in the afternoon. After meditation we were almost too relaxed to walk but off to the bluffs and falls trails we went. The moderate hike through the woods to both focal points were scenic and serene. The sound of flowing water was music to our ears and the views of the valleys from the bluffs were breathtaking.

"Founded and guided by Sadhguru - a yogi, profound mystic and humanitarian - Isha has been established as an essential resource for seekers wishing to explore the ancient science of yoga in all its depth and dimensions for many generations to come." In addition to teaching time-tested wisdom Isha embraces modern ideas such as Monolithic Domes that are energy efficient, pest resistant, stable structures ideal for these turbulent weather times. was blessed to spend a day at this retreat which is open 365 days a year. In the future we plan to return to this peaceful and progressive place.

Watch this video for more information on the Isha Dome.

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(Originally Published on November 07, 2015)

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