DomeOnTheWeb.com follows one man's effort to build a dome home. Check back here often to see our updates and progress and ongoing sales figures for the track "I Want to Live in a Dome" - as every copy sold will actually go toward the construction of the dome home.

December 2018 - Rockin' Rich Lynch launches a project website "Dome On The Web" to document his progress on the way to completing his ambitious goal.
October 2015 - Rockin' Rich Lynch moves to Nashville to begin scouting land for his sustainable dome home.

May 2015 - Rockin' Rich Lynch visits Tennessee and observes a Monolithic Dome being built in the town of White House.

April 2014 - In an effort to kick off his alternative housing construction project Rockin' Rich Lynch records "I Want to Live in a Dome" and releases it to critical claim.

Pre-2014 - Rockin' Rich Lynch dreams of living in a dome and visit two famous ones in update New York: the Atwood Dome and Shiva Vencat's New Paltz Domespace rotating home.

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